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Introducing.....THAI YOGA MASSAGE for just $100

Blue Jasmine Massage Studio is proud to introduce our clients to Level I and Level II Thai Yoga Massage! 

A Thai Yoga Massage is a session of assisted yoga with a variety of massage techniques applied.  Your body is gently stretched into yoga postures, then massaged along your energy lines.

This 2500 year old sacred healing art combines assisted yoga postures with deep massage to produce a profound feeling of wellness, vitality and openness.  Each session lasts approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours. 



Massage Options


Unwind from daily stresses with a relaxing full body treatment.


If you have a specific area or problem you would like worked on, this  massage is for you.


This massage with help relieve your pregnancy symptoms such as swollen feet, low back pain, tense shoulders and any other problem areas you may have.

Deep Tissue

If you prefer a deeper muscle massge, this treatment is for you.

30 minute massage = $30

60 minute massage = $45

90 minute massage = $70

 Add aromatherapy and ear candling to any service for $10