Blue Jasmine Massage Studio

"Your wellbeing comes first"

What are the benefits of a massage?

In modern health, massage has taken on an important role. It has been shown beneficial to reduce stress, enhance blood circulation, decrease pain, promote sleep, reduce swelling, enhance relaxation, and increase oxygen capacity of the blood.

When should I get a massage?

This should be discussed with your Massage Therapist as needs varies based upon the individuals concerns and health issues.

Do you offer classes to offer more insights on massaging?

Classes will be offered in the near future, but we will offer teachings, steps, and insights on massages during your visit upon your request.

Massage can also be offered for the following individuals...

* Amputations

* Clients who are athletes

*Cancer Patients- with doctors release

*Clients who are HIV or living with acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)


*Pacemaker users


*Sexual abused clients (introducing a positive touch)

*Spinal abnormalities such as Kyphosis, lordosis and scoliosis

"The body tells the story. It is in fact, a living autobiography"- Elaine Mayland